IceWine 2021 Riesling (375ml) fra Koenig Vineyards, Snake River Valley - Idaho

2021 IceWine Riesling (375ml) fra Koenig Vineyards, Snake River Valley - Idaho

Prized for its rarity due to the difficulty in making it, Ice Wine is only produced in climates like Idaho and Canada, where perfect weather conditions can yield wines of very high quality. The grapes were hand-picked and pressed while frozen in the coldest days of the year. The icy grapes yield only a small amount of juice, with most of the water in the berries left behind as ice - giving Ice Wine its name. The resulting juice is very concentrated, and after a cool fermentation results in a decadently sweet wine.
Best served chilled in small glasses as a special dessert by itself, or with a simple arrangement of cheese, nuts and fresh fruit.

Alc. 10.5%, Druer: 100% Riesling fra Snake River Valley området.

Lagret: Stainless steel, 15% aged 8 years in new Hungarian oak.